The Little Stranger


Sarah Waters

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The Little Stranger Characters


Faraday is a doctor who is relatively well-known and respected in his community. As a child, he visited Hundreds Hall and fell in love with it. Ever since, Hundreds has allured Faraday, even though it… read analysis of Faraday

Caroline Ayers

Caroline Ayers is the daughter of Colonel Ayers and Mrs. Ayers. She is also Roderick Ayers’s sister. Of the Ayers family, Caroline is the least attached to her social standing. Although she cares about… read analysis of Caroline Ayers

Mrs. Ayers

Mrs. Ayers is the matriarch of Hundreds Hall. She was married to Colonel Ayers before his early death, and she is the mother of Susan, Caroline, and Roderick Ayers. Even in… read analysis of Mrs. Ayers

Roderick Ayers

Roderick Ayers is the son of Colonel Ayers and Mrs. Ayers. He is a World War II veteran who walks with a limp because his leg was injured when his plane went down in… read analysis of Roderick Ayers


Betty is a 14-year-old servant who works at Hundreds Hall. Though immature, Betty is a well-intentioned girl who does her best to take care of Hundreds Hall and the Ayers family. However, Hundreds frightens… read analysis of Betty
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Dr. Seeley    

Dr. Seeley is a doctor who Faraday considers his rival. He puts the idea of courting Caroline into Faraday’s mind during the party at the hospital. Later in the novel, Faraday tells Seeley about the… read analysis of Dr. Seeley    

Mr. Morley

Mr. Morley is Mrs. Baker-Hyde’s brother. He is a pretentious and crude man who attends the Ayerses’ party at Hundreds. Mrs. Ayers invites him because she thinks he might make a nice suitor… read analysis of Mr. Morley
Minor Characters
David Graham
David Graham is Faraday’s colleague as well as his best friend. Faraday often goes to Graham for advice, which Graham readily provides. Before Faraday, Graham was the Ayers family doctor. Additionally, Betty calls him after she discovers Caroline’s body because Faraday is not available.
Mrs. Bazeley
Mrs. Bazeley is one of the servants at Hundreds Hall. She is a kind woman who cares about the Ayres family and does her best to tend to them. Although she is initially skeptical that there is a paranormal presence in the Ayers house, she eventually changes her mind.
Mr. Baker-Hyde
Mr. Baker-Hyde is Gillian Baker-Hyde’s father. He is also an architect who attends the Ayerses’ party at Hundreds Hall. Although he is generally a well-mannered and well-intentioned man, he becomes irate with the Ayers family after Gyp bites Gillian in the face.
Gillian Baker-Hyde
Gillian Baker-Hyde is Mr. Baker-Hyde’s daughter. She is a generally kind girl who constantly seeks attention. At the Ayerses’ party, Gyp bites her in the face, permanently disfiguring her.
Susan Ayers
Susan Ayers is the firstborn daughter of Colonel Ayers and Mrs. Ayers. She dies of diphtheria at only seven years old. Mrs. Ayers believes that Susan’s ghost haunts Hundreds Hall.
Anne Graham
Anne Graham is David Graham’s wife and one of Faraday’s best friends. She is a caring friend who offers to speak to Caroline on Faraday’s behalf after their marriage is called off.
Gyp is Caroline Ayers’s dog. Although Gyp is normally a kind soul, he bites Gillian Baker-Hyde in the face, seemingly out of nowhere, and Faraday has to put him down.
Colonel Ayers
Colonel Ayers is the patriarch of Hundreds Hall. He is an ill-tempered man who is unkind to his children. He dies at a relatively young age, just as Hundreds begins to decline.
Faraday’s Mother
Faraday’s mother is a lower-class woman who works hard to ensure Faraday can afford college. At one point, she worked as a servant at Hundreds Hall. She dies when Faraday is 15.
Faraday’s Father
Faraday’s father is a lower-class man who works hard to ensure Faraday can afford college. He dies just after Faraday graduates medical school.
Dr. Gill
Dr. Gill is the previous owner of Faraday’s medical practice. Faraday worked under him for many years and was compensated poorly.
Dr. Warren
Dr. Warren is the doctor who takes Roderick to the mental institution and looks after him while he is there.
Harold Hepton
Harold Hepton is the Ayers family lawyer. He dismisses Faraday when Faraday tries to stop Caroline from selling Hundreds Hall.
Mrs. Baker-Hyde
Mrs. Baker-Hyde is Gillian Baker-Hyde’s mother.