The Long Rain


Ray Bradbury

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The Long Rain Characters


The lieutenant is the leader of the American military men whose rocket crashes on Venus. Two of his comrades are killed in the crash, and an unnamed man in their group dies in the monsterread analysis of Lieutenant


Simmons is an American military man who survives the rocket crash and the monster’s attack with the lieutenant and Pickard. Despite his misery in the constant downpour, he’s talkative and fairly upbeat, as… read analysis of Simmons


Pickard is one of the three American military men who survives the rocket crash and the monster’s attack. Pickard and his remaining companions—the lieutenant and Simmons—miserably trample through the Venusian jungle in… read analysis of Pickard

Unnamed Man

The unnamed man is one of the four American men who initially survives the rocket crash on Venus, along with the lieutenant, Simmons, and Pickard. He disobeys the lieutenant’s orders to lie… read analysis of Unnamed Man

The Monster

The bright blue electrical monster that attacks the group of American men and kills the unnamed man. Bradbury leaves it ambiguous as to if the monster is real—yet another terrifying aspect of the foreign… read analysis of The Monster
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The Venusians

The inhabitants of Venus, who live in Venus’ Single Sea. Although they never physically appear in the story, the Venusians have destroyed one of the Sun Domes the men find. Simmons, who knows the… read analysis of The Venusians

General Mendt

An American military general who drowned in the rain on Venus before the start of the story. He was found perched on a rock, head tilted back, mouth open, and lungs filled with water. Simmonsread analysis of General Mendt