The Longest Memory


Fred D’Aguiar

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Whitechapel’s Grandson Character Analysis

One of Whitechapel’s grandsons inadvertently runs into him, knocking him to the ground, when trying to escape an authority figure who is about to beat him. Although the boy’s motives remain unclear, Whitechapel becomes convinced that the boy was implicitly punishing him for Chapel’s death, demonstrating that Whitechapel should suffer for his participation in that death.
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Whitechapel’s Grandson Character Timeline in The Longest Memory

The timeline below shows where the character Whitechapel’s Grandson appears in The Longest Memory. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Whitechapel
Punishment and Cruelty Theme Icon
Love, Sex, and Family Theme Icon
...mostly leave him alone, merely checking whether he is still alive every morning. Once, Whitechapel’s grandson ran into him when turning a corner, accidentally knocking him to the ground in the... (full context)
Freedom vs. Obedience Theme Icon
Punishment and Cruelty Theme Icon
Love, Sex, and Family Theme Icon
...his fault. Believing that he should be punished for his actions, Whitechapel thinks that his grandson who ran into him did so to escape from the stick, but also to take... (full context)