The Lottery


Shirley Jackson

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Tessie Hutchinson

The woman selected by the lottery to be sacrificed, she is stoned to death by the villagers at the very end of the story. Tessie arrives late at the lottery, saying she forgot the day… read analysis of Tessie Hutchinson

Davy Hutchinson

The youngest Hutchinson child, Davy, is too young to understand the proceedings of the lottery. But his innocence is contaminated by the lottery as he is handed pebbles to throw at his mother at the… read analysis of Davy Hutchinson

Mr. Joe Summers

The unofficial leader of the village and overseer of the lottery. Mr. Summers volunteers frequently in civic roles, organizing square dances, teen club, and the Halloween party. The other villagers pity him for having no… read analysis of Mr. Joe Summers

Old Man Warner

The oldest man in the village, Old Man Warner presents the voice of tradition among the villagers. He speaks strongly in favor of continuing the lottery, because he claims that to end it would be… read analysis of Old Man Warner

Mrs. Janey Dunbar

Clyde Dunbar’s wife and the only woman to draw in the lottery. Husbands, as the heads of households, draw for their families. A grown son might also take on this role, but the Dunbars’… read analysis of Mrs. Janey Dunbar
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Jack Watson

A youth who is old enough this year to draw in the lottery on behalf of himself and his mother. For this, he receives supportive words from the other villagers, who tell him he is… read analysis of Jack Watson
Minor Characters
Bill Hutchinson
Tessie’s husband who draws the marked slip of paper for his family. He exhibits little distinct character, although he does forcefully remove the marked paper from his wife’s hand and tells her to “shut up” as she protests.
Nancy Hutchinson
The twelve-year-old daughter of the Hutchinsons. She is popular, and her friends wait with bated breath as she draws her slip of paper from the Hutchinsons’ pool.
Bill Jr. Hutchinson
The Hutchinsons’ son. He and Nancy joyfully show their blank slips to the crowd when they draw them. They don’t appear to show anxiety or remorse at their mother’s fate.
Another child of the Hutchinsons, she is no longer considered part of their family for the purpose of the lottery because she is married. Tessie is reminded of this when she attempts to have Eva and her husband Don take their chance with the rest of the Hutchinsons.
Eva’s husband.
Mr. Harry Graves
Mr. Graves is the village postmaster and Mr. Summer’s assistant in the proceedings of the lottery.
Mrs. Graves
A villager who reminds Tessie that they all take the same chance by entering the lottery. Mrs. Graves is at the front of the crowd with Steve Adams as the villagers overwhelm Tessie.
Mr. Delacroix
A villager.
Mrs. Delacroix
A villager. She coaxes Mrs. Dunbar to hurry up as the killing begins.
Dickie Delacroix
The child of Mr. and Mrs. Delacroix, Dickie works with the other boys at the beginning of the story to collect piles of stones.
Clyde Dunbar
The only villager not in attendance at the lottery. He has been excused because he has a broken leg. As a result, his wife must draw for herself and their sons.
Horace Dunbar
The Dunbars’ eldest son who, at sixteen, is still too young to draw in his mother’s stead for their family. As instructed by his mother, Horace runs to tell his father which villager was chosen by the lottery.
Mr. Martin
A villager who, with his son Baxter, holds the black box during the ritual of the lottery.
Baxter Martin
Mr. Martin’s oldest son who holds the black box with his father as slips of paper are drawn.
Bobby Martin
A young son of Mr. Martin’s, Bobby fills his pockets with stones at the beginning of the story.
Harry Jones
A village boy who works on collecting piles of stones at the beginning of the story.
Steve Adams
The first villager to draw his family’s slip of paper from the black box. He talks with Old Man Warner about neighboring places that have quit doing the lottery, and is at the front of the crowd as it overwhelms Tessie.
Mrs. Adams
Steve Adam’s wife, who joins him in conversation with Old Man Warner about the possibility of giving up the lottery.