The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 43 Summary & Analysis

Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Teresa trace more days and stack them together in the way Thomas showed them. After some time, they trace out the message: “FLOAT. CATCH.” Before they can continue tracing the maps, Minho says he needs to get back to exploring the Maze. Thomas says that’s a waste of time, but Minho responds that all the changes in the Glade may have prompted an exit to open in the Maze. Newt agrees with Minho and tells Thomas he’ll find some trustworthy Gladers to help finish the tracing. At Newt and Minho’s request, Thomas goes running with Minho.
Though his recent experiences have made him more willing to change his approach to solving the Maze, Minho’s cannot bring himself to abandon the order and stability that his role in the Glade provided him. As of yet, it’s unclear if Minho’s decision to stick with the routine will be another example of relying too much on old flawed methods and practices.
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Minho tells Thomas to follow him through the Maze like the last time. Before they enter the Maze, Chuck meets up with them and wishes Thomas luck. As he leaves, Thomas tells Chuck to remember the promise he made to get Chuck home to his parents. With tears of gratitude and affection in his eyes, Chuck gives Thomas a thumbs up. Minho and Thomas run into the Maze.
Thomas’s relationship to Chuck reveals how much Thomas has matured in just a few days. When Thomas first arrived in the Glade, Chuck mocked his childish naiveté. But now, Chuck has become like a younger brother to Thomas, looking to him for hope and reassurance.
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