The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 57 Summary & Analysis

Thomas finds himself in dank, cold ten foot high cylinder. They walk down a short tunnel where they find at its end a computer. As Teresa types in the code, a Griever jumps through the Hole. Thomas uses his spear to to cut off one its spikes. The Griever emits a loud shriek and Thomas gains a new confidence knowing that the Grievers can be hurt. Taking advantage of its injury, Thomas jumps on the creature and plunges his spear deep into its body. Yellow fluid seeps out of the puncture wound and the Griever stops moving for good.
The cylinder mirrors the inside of the Box that brought Thomas to the Glade. The novel juxtaposes these settings to show how much Thomas has matured since his arrival. Thomas came to the Glade like a newborn scared and confused, but he is leaving as a confident leader capable of killing a Griever.
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Teresa says the computer won’t let her enter the last word, “PUSH.” Before Thomas can come help, two more Grievers come through the Hole. Chuck then points to a button under the computer and says maybe she should push that. The Grievers grab Thomas and Chuck right as she pushes the button. The creatures shut down and everything goes silent except for the sound of a door sliding open.
Since Chuck hasn’t had much of an active role in the novel, this scene shows that he too is starting to grow up. No longer just a kid who needs protection, Chuck proves himself to be calm and alert in a crisis. He, too, is becoming an adult.
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