The Metamorphosis


Franz Kafka

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The Metamorphosis Characters

Gregor Samsa

Gregor is a young traveling salesman who suddenly transforms into a giant cockroach. Before his transformation, his main concern is providing for his family. He resents the stresses of traveling for work, and dislikes his… read analysis of Gregor Samsa

Grete Samsa

Gregor's beloved 17-year-old sister. After the transformation, Grete takes care of Gregor, cleaning his room and bringing him food, at first with great kindness and attention, and then, after some months, quickly and carelessly. She… read analysis of Grete Samsa


Gregor's father is mistrustful and unsympathetic towards Gregor after the transformation, though his unkindness may stem from a desire to protect his family. The father's attack with apples causes an injury that bothers Gregor for… read analysis of Father


Gregor's mother, like Gregor's father, is elderly and sick (she has asthma), but she also returns to work, as an underwear seamstress, when he transforms. Her attitude towards Gregor is both horrified and loving… read analysis of Mother

The lodgers

Several months after Gregor's transformation, the family takes on three lodgers, to whom they provide room and board. Gregor resents the lodgers for the attention they receive from the family, and for their lack of… read analysis of The lodgers
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A few months after Gregor's transformation, his family hires the Charwoman to replace the servant girl and the cook. She is large, white-haired, and crude. Of all the characters, she is the least disgusted and… read analysis of Charwoman
Minor Characters
Chief Clerk
Gregor's boss at his sales job. The Chief Clerk comes to Gregor's house on the morning of his transformation, to tell him that he hasn't been doing a good job, and leaves in alarm when he sees Gregor's new state.
Servant Girl
The servant girl doesn't quit after Gregor's transformation, but always keeps the kitchen door locked when she's in the house. Eventually the family has to lay her off because of financial concerns, and they hire the charwoman instead.
The household cook quits a few days after Gregor's transformation. As a result, Gregor's mother and Grete have to take over the cooking.