The Miracle Worker


William Gibson

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The Miracle Worker Characters

Annie Sullivan

Annie Sullivan is the “miracle worker” of the play’s title, and the play’s protagonist. A Massachusetts “Yankee,” as several of the Kellers like to call her, Annie grew up blind in a squalid almshouse with… read analysis of Annie Sullivan

Helen Keller

Helen Keller is one of the two main characters of The Miracle Worker. In real life, she was one of the most famous Americans of her time: despite being blind and deaf, she learned… read analysis of Helen Keller

Kate Keller

Kate Keller is the mother of Helen Keller and the second, considerably younger wife of Captain Arthur Keller. A kind and loving woman, Kate is a loyal mother to Helen, trying again and again… read analysis of Kate Keller

Captain Arthur Keller

Captain Arthur Keller is the gruff, middle-aged patriarch of the Keller family. He’s frequently confused about what’s going on, and seems much less sensitive to the needs of the rest of his family than Kateread analysis of Captain Arthur Keller

James Keller

James Keller is the adult son of Arthur Keller from his first marriage. Helen Keller is James’s half-sister, and Kate Keller is his stepmother. For most of the play, James is a laconic, wisecracking cynic… read analysis of James Keller
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James Sullivan / “Jimmie”

James Sullivan, Annie Sullivan’s little brother, is never seen onstage, but his voice is an important presence in the play. James and Annie grew up in extreme poverty, and eventually were taken to live… read analysis of James Sullivan / “Jimmie”

Aunt Ev

Aunt Ev is the sister of Captain Arthur Keller. A minor character in the play, she is nonetheless a staple character around the Keller household, taking care of Helen or making her dollsread analysis of Aunt Ev


Anagnos is the director of the Perkins Institute for the Blind. In the play, Anagnos is Annie Sullivan’s teacher. He has known her since she was a child, and worked closely with her to… read analysis of Anagnos
Minor Characters
The doctor who treats Helen Keller’s fever as an infant, shortly before it is discovered that Helen has lost her sight and hearing.
Dr. Howe
A prominent doctor who tries and fails to teach Helen Keller prior to Annie’s arrival.
A black servant who works for the Keller family.
A young black child—likely belonging to one of the Keller family’s servants—who spends time around the Keller household.
Baby child of Captain Arthur Keller and Kate Keller.
A black boy who is just a bit older than Helen. Helen likes him, and when he's older he helps Annie Sullivan to take care of and teach Helen in the garden house.