The Moon is Down


John Steinbeck

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Will Anders Character Analysis

A local fisherman. Will and his brother Tom steal Mr. Corell’s boat and sail in the dead of night to England. They do so in order to escape the invaders, who are searching for them because their other brother, Jack Anders, blew up a car. Before they leave, they secretly meet with Mayor Orden in Molly Morden’s house, where he tells them to ask British forces to send aid—dynamite in particular—to the town once they’ve arrived in England. On their way to steal the boat, they try to bring Mr. Corell along so that they can throw him overboard, but he manages to escape. Despite this hiccup in the brothers’ plan, they clearly succeed in relaying Mayor Orden’s message, since not long after their departure a plane flies over the town and drops packages of dynamite to be used against the invading military.
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Will Anders Character Timeline in The Moon is Down

The timeline below shows where the character Will Anders appears in The Moon is Down. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6
Order, Control, and Hierarchy Theme Icon
...inside and tells her that the mayor is about to arrive with two men named Will and Tom Anders. She gives Molly a piece of meat she stole from Colonel Lanser’s... (full context)
Democracy and Conquest Theme Icon
...Although she’s somewhat suspicious of Molly, she fetches Mayor Orden, Doctor Winter, and Tom and Will Anders, who are all waiting outside. Once inside, Orden addresses the Anders brothers, saying that... (full context)
Appearances and Civility Theme Icon
Tom and Will Anders agree to make a plea for explosives to the English government when they arrive.... (full context)