The Most Dangerous Game


Richard Connell

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The Most Dangerous Game Characters

Sanger Rainsford

Sanger Rainsford is a celebrated hunter from New York City with a passion for hunting big game and a “predator versus prey” worldview. He is traveling on a yacht with his friend Whitney to hunt… read analysis of Sanger Rainsford

General Zaroff

General Zaroff is an extremely wealthy Russian aristocrat who inhabits Ship-Trap Island with his servant, Ivan, and hunts other men, who are, in his words, “the most dangerous game” because of their capacity for… read analysis of General Zaroff


Ivan is General Zaroff’s servant, a fellow Cossack, and lives with him on the island. He is the first person Rainsford meets when he knocks on Zaroff’s front door. Ivan is an extremely… read analysis of Ivan


Whitney is a friend and hunting companion of Rainsford’s who first introduces him and the reader to Ship-Trap Island and its ominous reputation as an evil place. Whitney argues with Rainsford about whether animals… read analysis of Whitney