The Mothers


Brit Bennett

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The wife of one of Luke’s teammates on the Cobras football team, Jeremy Fincher. Luke grows close to Cherry while Nadia is at college in Michigan. He even starts making excuses to go to Finch’s house in the hopes of being able to talk with Cherry. One day, while Finch is out of the house, she tells him that a group of Cobras were at the house the previous night watching a video of Luke’s injury. Apparently, they were laughing, whooping, and playing the scene over and over. This upsets Luke, who suddenly thinks his teammates see him as a joke. As he thinks this way, Cherry asks if she can see the scar on his leg. He rolls up his pants and shows her, and after a moment, she stoops to his shin and kisses the scar tissue. Just then, one of her kids appears at the other end of the hall and sees Luke and Cherry engaged in this intimacy. Several days later, Finch and a group of other Cobras find Luke at work and beat him senseless, destroying his bad leg so that he’ll never again play football.
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Cherry Character Timeline in The Mothers

The timeline below shows where the character Cherry appears in The Mothers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Six
Caretaking and Responsibility Theme Icon
Internalization vs. Externalization Theme Icon
...wives and families. At a party hosted by a player named Finch and his wife Cherry, Luke talks about how Nadia got an abortion and how she’s dating somebody else now.... (full context)
Internalization vs. Externalization Theme Icon
Identity Theme Icon
Luke slowly gets to know Cherry and makes excuses to drop by Finch’s house to see her, since he enjoys the... (full context)
Internalization vs. Externalization Theme Icon
Identity Theme Icon
...taking out the trash in the back alley of Fat Charlie’s and thinking about asking Cherry on a coffee date when he sees a group of Cobras approaching. “Yo assholes, I... (full context)