The Mothers


Brit Bennett

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A man in his thirties who still hosts parties in his beach house that high school students attend. It is at one of these parties that Nadia finds Luke on the night of her abortion. When she asks him why he didn’t pick her up from the clinic as he’d promised, he tells her that “shit came up.” Coming home from this party, Nadia drives drunk and crashes her father’s truck into a tree.
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Cody Richardson Character Timeline in The Mothers

The timeline below shows where the character Cody Richardson appears in The Mothers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Two
Internalization vs. Externalization Theme Icon be seen. Acting on a hunch, she goes to a beach house owned by Cody Richardson , a man in his thirties who still parties with high school students. Nadia herself... (full context)
Internalization vs. Externalization Theme Icon
On the balcony, Cody Richardson points out a nuclear power plant on the horizon, saying to Nadia, “Any minute—boom. Just... (full context)
Caretaking and Responsibility Theme Icon
Coming into the driveway with her father’s truck after Cody Richardson ’s party, Nadia turns too sharply and hits a tree. Now, as she and Robert... (full context)
Chapter Five
Secrecy, Gossip, and Storytelling Theme Icon
...draws to a close, Nadia decides she wants to take Aubrey to a party at Cody Richardson ’s house—one last visit before Nadia leaves California. She helps Aubrey get dressed, encouraging her... (full context)