The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


Agatha Christie

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Characters

Dr. James Sheppard

Dr. James Sheppard is the narrator of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. As a result, avid mystery readers—both now and especially in the 1920s—would be predisposed to trust him. In detective novels, there’s a… read analysis of Dr. James Sheppard

Hercule Poirot (“Mr. Porrot”)

Hercule Poirot is the detective at the center of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, as well as many other Agatha Christie stories, novels, and plays. A brilliant, often arrogant Belgian with a flair for… read analysis of Hercule Poirot (“Mr. Porrot”)

Roger Ackroyd

Roger Ackroyd is, to state the obvious, the murder victim in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and his death prompts Hercule Poirot to investigate the case—eventually leading to Poirot’s discovery that Dr. James Sheppardread analysis of Roger Ackroyd

Caroline Sheppard

Caroline Sheppard is the sister and roommate of Dr. James Sheppard (at the time, it wasn’t particularly uncommon for adult siblings to live together in English villages, even if they were fairly well-off). She’s an… read analysis of Caroline Sheppard

Ralph Paton

Ralph Paton is the young, handsome son of Ms. Paton, Roger Ackroyd’s first wife. He has a reputation for being dashing and charming, but also a little weak-willed. As the novel begins, Ralph… read analysis of Ralph Paton
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Flora Ackroyd

The beautiful young niece of Roger Ackroyd, fiancé of Ralph Paton, and daughter of Mrs. Ackroyd, Flora Ackroyd is considered a suspect in Roger’s murder for several reasons. She depended on Roger… read analysis of Flora Ackroyd

Mrs. Ackroyd

Roger Ackroyd’s sister-in-law from marriage to Cecil Ackroyd, Roger’s ne’er-do-well younger brother. As Dr. Sheppard describes her, she’s an exceptionally tiresome woman, who complains constantly and drones on about dull topics. She’s considered… read analysis of Mrs. Ackroyd

Miss Elizabeth Russell

Roger Ackroyd’s housekeeper and, it’s suggested, lover for a time. She’s considered a suspect in the case because of her jealousy surrounding Roger’s affair with Mrs. Ferrars, as well as her need for… read analysis of Miss Elizabeth Russell

Major Hector Blunt

Major Hector Blunt is a stock character in Agatha Christie novels: the “blunt,” stoic, not particularly bright military man. Blunt never really seems to be a prime suspect in the murder, but he’s shown to… read analysis of Major Hector Blunt

Geoffrey Raymond

Geoffrey Raymond is Roger Ackroyd’s intelligent young secretary, much admired by both Hercule Poirot and Dr. Sheppard for his vigor and capability. Raymond, like the other suspects in the murder, is hiding something: he… read analysis of Geoffrey Raymond

Ursula Bourne / Ursula Paton

Ursula Bourne is a parlormaid in the Roger Ackroyd home, and she’s considered a suspect in Roger’s murder, especially after Hercule Poirot learns that she was dismissed from her position by Ackroyd on the same… read analysis of Ursula Bourne / Ursula Paton
Minor Characters
John Parker
John Parker is the butler on the Ackroyd estate. He’s considered a suspect in the case, especially after Hercule Poirot reveals that he’s been blackmailing his former employer, Major Ellerby, and that he was eavesdropping on Roger Ackroyd’s conversation with Dr. Sheppard just before Roger’s death.
Charles Kent
The “mysterious stranger” who Dr. Sheppard notices while he’s coming home from the Roger Ackroyd estate. Charles Kent is the illegitimate child of Miss Elizabeth Russell, and a ne’er-do-well drug user.
Mrs. Ferrars
The widow of Mr. Ashley Ferrars, who kills herself by overdose just before the novel begins. She had been having an affair with Roger Ackroyd, and was blackmailed about this by Dr. James Sheppard.
Ms. Paton
The first wife of Roger Ackroyd, and the mother of Ralph Paton by a previous marriage. She dies of alcoholism before the novel begins.
A parlormaid in the Sheppards’ house.
Mr. Ashley Ferrars
The husband of Mrs. Ferrars, who dies about one year before the events of the novel.
Cecil Ackroyd
Roger Ackroyd’s ne’er-do-well younger brother, and the late husband of Mrs. Ackroyd.
Miss Gannett
A busybody who lives in the village and likes gossiping with Caroline Sheppard.
Inspector Davis
The police inspector initially sent to investigate the death of Roger Ackroyd.
Inspector Raglan
The primary police investigator involved with the case of Roger Ackroyd’s murder.
Colonel Melrose
The chief constable in the village of King’s Abbot.
Elsie Dale
A housemaid in Roger Ackroyd’s home.
Mrs. Folliot
An upper-class lady who used to employ Ursula Bourne.
Colonel Carter
A resident of King’s Abbot, who sometimes play Mah Jong with the Sheppards.
Major Ellerby
The former employer of John Parker.
Mr. Hammond
The Ackroyd family solicitor and attorney.