The Open Window



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The Open Window Characters

Framton Nuttel

A perpetually anxious gentleman sent to the English countryside to soothe his nerves. Mr. Nuttel has arrived at the Sappleton home following a letter of introduction from his sister, but is not enthused about the… read analysis of Framton Nuttel

Vera Sappleton

Fifteen-year-old Vera greets Mr. Nuttel upon his arrival to the Sappleton home and spins the tragic tale that sends him running away. Immediately described as “very self-possessed,” Vera is an observant, clever, and above all… read analysis of Vera Sappleton

Mrs. Sappleton

Vera’s aunt and the lady of the Sappleton home. Though she appears to be somewhat aware of Vera’s penchant for storytelling, Mrs. Sappleton nevertheless fails to detect the prank her niece has pulled on… read analysis of Mrs. Sappleton

Framton Nuttel’s sister

Though she never appears in the story, Mr. Nuttel’s sister is the reason he is at the Sappleton home to begin with. Fearing her brother would spend his restorative time in the country moping… read analysis of Framton Nuttel’s sister
Minor Characters
Mrs. Sappleton’s youngest brother, whom Vera says always sings “Bertie, why do you bound?” He sings this upon returning from his hunting trip, terrifying Mr. Nuttel.