The Open Window



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Framton Nuttel’s sister Character Analysis

Though she never appears in the story, Mr. Nuttel’s sister is the reason he is at the Sappleton home to begin with. Fearing her brother would spend his restorative time in the country moping, she writes letters of introduction to acquaintances she made while working at a local rectory a few years prior, remarking that “some” of these people were nice.
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Framton Nuttel’s sister Character Timeline in The Open Window

The timeline below shows where the character Framton Nuttel’s sister appears in The Open Window. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Open Window
The Absurdity of Etiquette Theme Icon
The Romance of Hypochondria  Theme Icon
Privately, Mr. Nuttel doubts whether these visits with strangers, prearranged by his sister to make sure he does not mope in the countryside, will do any good for... (full context)
Fiction and Perspective Theme Icon
The Romance of Hypochondria  Theme Icon
Innocence and Guile Theme Icon
...tells Mr. Nuttel that Mrs. Sappleton’s “great tragedy” happened three years prior, after Mr. Nuttel’s sister’s time in the country. Mr. Nuttel feels that any tragedy would be out of place... (full context)