The Power of Habit


Charles Duhigg

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Brain stem Term Analysis

The brain stem is the part of the brain that connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord. It regulates basic, unconscious bodily functions like breathing, sleeping, and the heartbeat.
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Brain stem Term Timeline in The Power of Habit

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Chapter 9: The Neurology of Free Will: Are We Responsible for Our Habits?
Habits, Human Behavior, and Success Theme Icon
The Moral Consequences of Habits Theme Icon
...and the court struggled to decide whether he was truly guilty of murder. Usually, the brain stem paralyzes the human body during sleep. But sleepwalkers’ brains don’t do this—which is why they... (full context)
The Moral Consequences of Habits Theme Icon
...fact, patients have successfully sued pharmaceutical companies when drugs that affect the basal ganglia and brain stem have made them into compulsive gamblers, eaters, and more. (full context)