The Quiet American

The Quiet American


Graham Greene

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Alcohol and Opium

Graham Greene was famous for his drinking, and the protagonist of The Quiet American, Thomas Fowler, shares this trait. At many points in the novel, other characters, particularly those who are in the… read analysis of Alcohol and Opium

The Helmet

An important symbol of machismo (an exaggerated sense of manliness and domination) is the helmet that the Lieutenant offers Thomas Fowler when he travels to Phat Diem, a dangerous war zone. Fowler confirms his machismo—and… read analysis of The Helmet

The Role of the West

York Harding’s signature book, The Role of the West, plays an important role in inspiring Alden Pyle to turn to violence in Vietnam. Pyle believes that it’s necessary to use bombs and other… read analysis of The Role of the West