The Red Badge of Courage

Henry's mother Character Analysis

Appearing only in an early flashback, Henry's mother objects when he volunteers for the army. Henry's mother does not share her son's glorified visions of war. Instead, she advises him to avoid shameful acts and corrupt men—advice about self-preservation, not glorious self-destruction. Capping it off, she also makes him promise to mail back any socks or shirts that need mending. Henry's mother's comments contrast Henry's ideals of war with the mundane realities of life as a soldier.
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Henry's mother Character Timeline in The Red Badge of Courage

The timeline below shows where the character Henry's mother appears in The Red Badge of Courage. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Courage Theme Icon
Youth and Manhood Theme Icon
...battles, his imagination inflamed by newspaper reports of great victories. He remembers enlisting against his mother's wishes. She warned him not to disgrace himself or do anything that he would be... (full context)