The Red Convertible

The Red Convertible Characters

Lyman Lamartine

Lyman Lamartine is a Chippewa Indian who lives on the reservation with his family, including his older brother Henry with whom he is close. He is a hard worker who is good with money, briefly… (read full character analysis)

Henry Lamartine

Henry Lamartine, Jr. is Lyman’s older brother, of a different father. He is carefree and easygoing at the beginning of the story, quick to make a joke and gentle despite his resemblance to Red… (read full character analysis)

Lulu Lamartine

Lulu Lamartine is Henry and Lyman’s mother. She is not mentioned by name in the story, but she features prominently in other chapters of Love Medicine. She previously was courted by Moses Pillager… (read full character analysis)


Susy is a young girl that Henry and Lyman pick up hitchhiking on their road trip. Her most distinctive feature is her hair, which is usually tied up in “buns around her ears,” but which… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Bonita Lamartine
Henry and Lyman’s eleven-year-old sister, who takes the photograph of them that haunts Lyman.
Lyman’s friend, who helps Lyman hide the photograph of him and Henry.