The Revenger’s Tragedy


Thomas Middleton

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The Revenger’s Tragedy Characters


Vindice is the play’s protagonist and main avenger (though other characters have revenge motives too). He is brother to Hippolito and Castiza, and the son of Gratiana. His main target is the Duke(read full character analysis)


Hippolito is Vindice and Castiza’s brother, the son of Gratiana. His main function is to help facilitate Vindice’s revenge on the Duke (and later Lussurioso). He and his brother are angry with… (read full character analysis)

The Duke

The Duke is the ruler of the court when the play commences. He has two sons from a marriage prior to the Duchess: his heir Lussurioso, and his bastard son, Spurio. He’s… (read full character analysis)


Lussurioso is the Duke’s son and heir, the product of his father’s marriage prior to the Duchess. He is consumed by lust, taking after his father, and spends much of his time trying… (read full character analysis)

The Duchess

The Duchess is the Duke’s wife and the mother of Ambitioso, Supervacuo, and Junior Brother (who are not the Duke’s children). When the Duke refuses to show leniency to her son, Junior… (read full character analysis)
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Spurio is the Duke’s bastard son, borne of an illicit affair. He despises his father for his illegitimate status, and this hatred infects the way he sees everyone else at court too. He has… (read full character analysis)


Ambitioso is the Duchess’s eldest son, predating her relationship with the Duke. He is desperate to be Duke himself, plotting with his brother, Supervacuo, to attain power. Ambitioso kills Supervacuo when the… (read full character analysis)


Supervacuo is the Duchess’s second oldest son, predating her relationship with the Duke. He is hot-headed and hungry for power, spending most of the time plotting a murderous route to the top of… (read full character analysis)

Junior Brother

Junior Brother is the youngest son of the Duchess, predating her relationship with the Duke. He is imprisoned for the rape of Antonio’s wife, but remains unrepentant; in fact, he feels no… (read full character analysis)


Gratiana is the mother of Vindice, Hippolito, and Castiza. She deeply disappoints her children by accepting a bribe of jewels and money from Piato—Vindice in disguise—in exchange for pressuring Castiza to give… (read full character analysis)


Castiza is the beautiful virgin sister of Hippolito and Vindice, and daughter of Gratiana. She is arguably the only truly virtuous character in the play, refusing to sacrifice her chastity to Lussurioso despite… (read full character analysis)


Antonio is a nobleman at the Duke’s court. He doesn’t appear much in the play, but he has an important role. Firstly, like Vindice, he suffers considerable tragedy: Junior Brother, the Duchess(read full character analysis)