The Screwtape Letters


C. S. Lewis

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The married couple Character Analysis

The married couple befriends the patient early on in the novel, tempting him away from Christianity with their talk of atheism and their sarcastic attacks on the church. As Screwtape points out, the married couple damages the patient’s faith by encouraging him to accept their beliefs as his own. The married couple also encourages the patient to conceal his faith from the married couple, thereby making him proud and arrogant about his ability to live a “double life.” After a few chapters, the patient abandons the married couple and meets his lover.
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The married couple Character Timeline in The Screwtape Letters

The timeline below shows where the character The married couple appears in The Screwtape Letters. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Letter X
Religion and Reason Theme Icon
Freedom, Will, and Sin Theme Icon
Fashion, Progress, and Change Theme Icon
...has made new acquaintances who are tempting him away from God. There is a middle-aged married couple —rich, clever, seemingly intellectual, pacifist—with whom the patient seems to enjoy spending time. (full context)
Love Theme Icon
Screwtape advises Wormwood to encourage the patient to spend more time with the married couple , thereby causing him to neglect his work, his church, and his mother. His mother... (full context)
Letter XI
Love Theme Icon
Freedom, Will, and Sin Theme Icon
Screwtape has learned from Wormwood that the patient has befriended the married couple ’s other friends. In his last letter, Wormwood mentioned that these new friends are “great... (full context)