The Secret Garden


Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The Secret Garden Characters

Mary Lennox

The novel's ten-year-old protagonist. Mary's mother didn't want her, and Mary's father was busy, so Mary spent the first ten years of her life in Colonial India in the care of an Ayah. She… read analysis of Mary Lennox

Colin Craven

The young master of Misselthwaite Manor. Mary meets him after hearing crying from somewhere in the manor house several times. Ten years ago, around the time of Colin's birth, his mother, Mrs. Craven, died… read analysis of Colin Craven


Dickon is Martha's twelve-year-old brother. He spends most of his time out on the moor, enjoying the fresh air and befriending animals, especially abandoned baby animals that he then tames. Martha begins talking to… read analysis of Dickon

Ben Weatherstaff

The elderly and cantankerous gardener at Misselthwaite Manor. Mary meets him on her first day outside, and the two initially don't like each other much. Despite this, Ben Weatherstaff introduces Mary to his friend the… read analysis of Ben Weatherstaff

Susan Sowerby / Mother

Susan Sowerby is Martha and Dickon's mother. Because Martha refers to her only as "mother" when she speaks about her to Mary, Mary also uses "mother" to talk about Mrs. Sowerby until she… read analysis of Susan Sowerby / Mother
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Martha is a young maid at Misselthwaite Manor who is put in charge of caring for Mary when she arrives, though she's not technically a nurse or lady's maid. A local, Martha speaks in broad… read analysis of Martha

Mr. Archibald Craven

Colin's father and the owner of Misselthwaite Manor. Rumor has it that he has a hunchback, though when Mary meets him, she observes that he's actually a handsome man whose only faults are slightly… read analysis of Mr. Archibald Craven

Mrs. Craven

Colin's mother; she died about the time of his birth after a tree branch in the secret garden broke, and she fell. She and Mr. Craven were madly in love, and the garden was… read analysis of Mrs. Craven

The Robin

A young male robin that was born in a tree in the secret garden, but as a fledgling was unable to make it back to the nest. At that time, he befriended Ben Weatherstaffread analysis of The Robin

Dr. Craven

Mr. Craven's cousin and the doctor who, for the last several years, has been caring for Colin. He dismisses the London doctor’s opinion that Colin is fine but needs fresh air in… read analysis of Dr. Craven

Mrs. Medlock

A formidable woman who works for Mr. Craven. She performs a number of duties, but according to Martha, spends most of the time drinking tea in her sitting room. She dislikes Mary and… read analysis of Mrs. Medlock

Mary's Mother

Mary's mother was a beautiful woman who wanted to spend all of her time attending parties and conversing with other beautiful, happy people. She didn't want to have a child, and so when Mary… read analysis of Mary's Mother

The London Doctor

A doctor that saw Colin several years ago and prescribed nothing but fresh air, recognizing that there was nothing wrong with Colin. Because this wasn't what Colin wanted to hear at the time, he never… read analysis of The London Doctor

Mary’s Ayah

Mary's Indian nursemaid. Mary thinks little of Ayah when she's in the woman’s care and often slaps her when she's upset or angry. However, as Mary begins to grow and develop at Misselthwaite, she… read analysis of Mary’s Ayah

Colin’s Nurse

Colin's nurse. She doesn't like her job or Colin; she often leaves him in the care of Mrs. Medlock or Martha. When she learns of Colin and Mary's budding friendship, she capitalizes… read analysis of Colin’s Nurse
Minor Characters
A little boy whose family Mary stays with between her home in India and Misselthwaite Manor. He teases her by singing the nursery rhyme "Mistress Mary, quite contrary" to her and getting all of his siblings to sing it as well.
Mr. Roach
The head gardener at Misselthwaite. When he sees Colin for the first time, he thinks that Colin has a perfectly grand air—though he also has to try to hide his laughter, given that Colin is humorously full of himself.
Bob Haworth
A local Yorkshire champion wrestler who shows Dickon some simple strength training exercises; Dickon then passes the exercises on to Mary and Colin.
Mary's Father
An official in the English government in India. Like Mary, he's often ill, sour, and yellow. He dies when cholera sweeps through the house.
Mr. Pitcher
Mr. Craven's personal servant. He travels with Mr. Craven throughout Europe.
Mrs. Crawford
Basil's mother. She cares for Mary for a short time after officers rescue Mary from her parents' home.
A fox that Dickon found abandoned as a cub, rescued, and tamed. He follows Dickon everywhere.
A tame raven. He rides on Dickon's shoulder.
Nut and Shell
Two squirrels that Dickon tamed; they often travel in Dickon's pockets or on his shoulder.