The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind


Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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Irene Marceau is the crusty but kind owner of a Paris brothel. She rescues a starving and sick Julián Carax from the street and hires him as a pianist. Later, she plans to marry him so that he can inherit her money, but Carax’s duel with Jorge Aldaya prevents the wedding.
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Irene Marceau Character Timeline in The Shadow of the Wind

The timeline below shows where the character Irene Marceau appears in The Shadow of the Wind. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Nuria Monfort: Chapter 1
Duality and Repetition Theme Icon
...had published several novels in Paris, as the owner of the bar where he worked, Irene Marceau , was well-connected in the city. Because they sold so poorly, Cabestany acquired the rights... (full context)
Duality and Repetition Theme Icon
...about his life in Paris. In 1921, homeless and ill on the streets, he met Irene Marceau . She owned a brothel and took him home to recover there, eventually hiring him... (full context)
Nuria Monfort: Chapter 6
Coincidence and Determinism Theme Icon find that Fumero has visited Miquel and announced that Carax is getting married to Irene Marceau , which Miquel assumes is an arrangement so that she can leave him her money.... (full context)
Nuria Monfort: Chapter 7
Duality and Repetition Theme Icon
...which side is in charge of the city, and people are assassinated in broad daylight. Irene Marceau writes Miquel to inform them of the duel and Carax’s flight from the city, and... (full context)