The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind


Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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The Shadow of the Wind: City of Shadows: Chapter 38 Summary & Analysis

Nuria answers the door and Daniel immediately tells her that he knows she owns the PO box of the lawyer who manages the Fortuny apartment. At this revelation, Nuria accuses him of judging her “without knowing [her].” She’s furious when he admits that Fumero is following him, thinking he has led him to her.
It is true that despite his good intentions, Daniel hasn’t given Nuria much of a chance to explain herself. He’s viewed her as a static and passive woman like Clara, when in fact she’s very independent and thus far much better at evading Fumero than he is.
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Daniel declares his theory that Jorge Aldaya is hiding in the old mansion disguised as Laín Coubert, and accuses Nuria of lying to protect his role in Carax’s murder. Then he walks out of the apartment. Fermín is standing on the street nearby, dressed as a priest and watching for any movements Nuria might make.
Daniel thinks he’s finally unlocked the mystery, putting himself in control of the situation. However, he’ll soon find out that Nuria is much more competent than he thinks.
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