The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind


Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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The Shadow of the Wind: Nuria Monfort: Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis

In fact, Miquel returns to The Angel of Mist, having received a call from one of the neighboring caretakers that a man of Carax’s description has been wandering around. He immediately recognizes his old friend and follows him into the garden. The men hug, and Miquel takes him to a café. Surprisingly, Carax has reconciled with Fortuny, whose spite has turned into love after years of absence. Fortuny knows that Fumero is looking for his son, so he goes out to search the city for Penélope while Carax hides in the apartment. He’s unable to find any trace of her.
Finally, Fortuny’s strange behavior is partially explained. Although his reconciliation with Carax seems abrupt, it’s a testament to the strength of bonds between children and parent figures, even if – as in Fortuny’s case – they aren’t biologically related.
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Meanwhile the waiter of the café, who’s in Fumero’s pay, calls the police. Miquel and Carax don’t realize they’ve been trapped until they see a car outside. Carax produces a gun but Miquel grabs it and tells Carax to hand over his papers, saying that he only has a month to live, while Carax could keep searching for Penélope or settle down with Nuria, who’s waiting for him. Carax escapes while Miquel fires at the policeman and is subsequently killed.
Fumero’s arrival here mirrors his sudden appearance when Daniel and Fermín leave the nursing home. Notably, by switching identities each friend becomes even more entwined with the other, even while they are separated forever by Miquel’s death.
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