The Sniper

Republican Sniper

The Republican sniper begins the story concerned only with his most immediate problems—his hunger, his desire to light a cigarette, and his desire to survive and defeat his enemies. He ends up being confronted by… (read full character analysis)

Enemy Sniper

The enemy sniper is in no real way differentiated by O’Flaherty from the Republican sniper—that is, other than the fact that the two men lie on the opposite ends of the ideological battle raging… (read full character analysis)

Man in the Armored Car

The man in the armored car by chance drives up the street after the Republican sniper has flashed his lighter and the enemy sniper has fired at him. After the old woman informs the man… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Old Woman
This old woman comes out when she sees the man in the armored car and informs him about the whereabouts of the Republican sniper. After the sniper shoots the man, he also shoots the old woman and she falls shrieking into the gutter.