The Story of Tom Brennan


J. C. Burke

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Owen was one of Tom and Daniel's rugby teammates in Mumbilli and also one of Daniel's best friends. He, Luke, and Daniel spent much of their free time drinking, which made all three of them play poorly. He remains in contact with Daniel after Daniel goes to jail, and in the month before the one-year anniversary of the accident, he visits.
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Owen Character Timeline in The Story of Tom Brennan

The timeline below shows where the character Owen appears in The Story of Tom Brennan. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Nine
Friendship and Teamwork Theme Icon
Debt and Redemption Theme Icon Matt's but avoided seeing Snorter, as Snorter was still struggling to process the accident. Owen came around once or twice to see Daniel, and Claire visited as well. Mum and... (full context)
Chapter Sixteen
Family Theme Icon
Friendship and Teamwork Theme Icon
...he drank a lot and was hung over all the time, as were Luke and Owen. Tom says he knew things were bad, but he's only recently realized that St. John's... (full context)
Chapter Nineteen
Identity and Independence Theme Icon strippers and alcohol for the prisoners. Taking a more serious tone, he says that Owen made a surprise visit the other day. Tom notes that he didn't see Owen at... (full context)