The Sun is Also a Star

The Sun is Also a Star


Nicola Yoon

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The Sun is Also a Star: Chapter 59 Summary & Analysis

Samuel was certain that he was destined to be famous. When he met Patricia, he figured that she was part of God's plan too. He met her on a rainy day in Montego Bay when he ducked into a store where she was the manager. She was shy, and he couldn't resist her. He quoted poetry and sang for her, and he missed an audition to stay. Despite his attraction, some part of him told him to stay away. He saw two paths, and he wonders now if he'd chosen to leave Patricia and the store that day, if it would've made all the difference.
Samuel's mention of "two paths" is a reference to a poem by Robert Frost, which suggests that he might have more in common with someone like Daniel than he'd probably like to admit. This shows again that people can connect with each other across even cultural and generational divides, and further, that the arts are a major connecting force.
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