The Three Day Blow


Ernest Hemingway

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Ida is a girl who “works for the Strattons” that Bill mentions in passing when cautioning Nick that Marjorie wasn’t the sort of girl he should marry. Similarly, Bill thinks Ida would not be a suitable match for himself, noting that “oil and water” don’t mix. It’s not entirely clear why Bill looks down on these young women, though it’s implied that they seem like small-town girls who would tie both young men down to practical, boring lives.

Ida Quotes in The Three Day Blow

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Simon and Schuster edition of The Three Day Blow published in 1987.
The Three-Day Blow Quotes

“You can't mix oil and water and you can't mix that sort of thing any more than if I'd marry Ida that works for Strattons. She'd probably like it, too.”

Related Characters: Bill (speaker), Nick, Marjorie (“Marge”), Ida
Page Number: 90-91
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Ida Character Timeline in The Three Day Blow

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The Three-Day Blow
Masculinity, Independence, and Vulnerability Theme Icon
...the two to oil and water, saying they don’t mix, just like how he and “Ida that works for the Strattons” don’t mix either. (full context)