The Time Machine


H. G. Wells

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The Time Traveller

Though he is not the narrator of The Time Machine, the Time Traveller is the book’s protagonist. He is an eminent but eccentric British scientist, and his particular interest in time travel leads him… read analysis of The Time Traveller

The Narrator

The narrator of The Time Machine is all but absent from the book. He is one of the Time Traveller’s dinner companions, which suggests that he is also a member of the British elite… read analysis of The Narrator

The Eloi

The Eloi are humanlike creatures who are small, unintelligent, uncurious, weak, and also, importantly, benevolent and happy. They are the evolutionary descendants of the British elite, who exploited the British poor for so long that… read analysis of The Eloi

The Morlocks

The British poor toiled in dark conditions for so long that they evolved into a subterranean race of humans who could no longer see in the daylight. While they once likely ate animals like rats… read analysis of The Morlocks


Weena is an Eloi woman whom the Time Traveller saves from drowning. Though he does not expect gratitude or recognition in return for his bravery, Weena surprises and charms the Time Traveller by following him… read analysis of Weena
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