The Wars

The Wars


Timothy Findley

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One of the soldiers, along with Lieutenant Bonnycastle, whom Robert Ross and Levitt relieve of their position in the dugout at St. Eloi. Devlin dreams of owning an antique shop and collects valuables from war wreckage that he uses to furnish the dugout. At the end of the novel, Devlin helps Robert disobey Captain Leather’s orders and free their company’s horses and mules from shellfire. This act of defiance causes Leather to shoot and kill Devlin.

Devlin Quotes in The Wars

The The Wars quotes below are all either spoken by Devlin or refer to Devlin. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Trauma and War Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin Australia edition of The Wars published in 1995.
Part 5, Chapter 8 Quotes

He got out the Webley, meaning to shoot the animals not yet dead, but he paused for the barest moment looking at the whole scene laid out before him and his anger rose to such a pitch that he feared he was going to go over into madness. He stood where the gate had been and he thought: “If an animal had done this—we would call it mad and shoot it,” and at that precise moment Captain Leather rose to his knees and began to struggle to his feet. Robert shot him between the eyes.

Related Characters: Robert Ross, Captain Leather, Devlin
Related Symbols: Horses
Page Number: 203
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Devlin Character Timeline in The Wars

The timeline below shows where the character Devlin appears in The Wars. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2, Chapter 7
Trauma and War Theme Icon
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
Robert and Levitt relieve two other men, Devlin and Bonnycastle, from their position in the dugout. Devlin, who dreams of owning an antique... (full context)
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon
...Robert empties his knapsack full of food and cigarettes to share with the other men. Devlin and Bonnycastle are delighted. They ask Levitt what he has in his sack, teasing him... (full context)
Part 3
Trauma and War Theme Icon
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
...while Levitt goes mad and sits immobilized with his books piled up on his knees. Devlin, Bonnycastle, and Roots make forays from Wytsbrouk, and Robert and Bonnycastle fight in confusion over... (full context)
Blame, Revenge, and Justice Theme Icon
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon
...his daughter for safekeeping. Captain Leather finally makes an appearance, commanding Robert, Levitt, Poole, and Devlin to return to Wytsbrouk while Bonnycastle and Roots stay with the men. He says that... (full context)
Part 5, Chapter 8
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon
As shells begin to land in the barnyard, Robert can no longer stand it. Devlin agrees to help him disobey orders and save the horses and mules. Captain Leather sees... (full context)