The Wars

The Wars


Timothy Findley

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A young picket from Regina, Saskatchewan who cares for the military horses in the hold of the S.S. Massanabie. Regis is only sixteen, having lied about his age in order to enlist in the army. He is skittish and childish, and even tells Robert Ross that he promised his mother he would not drink during his time overseas. Regis is the last remaining picket present when Robert has to shoot a horse that breaks its leg, and, like Robert, is deeply upset by the incident.
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Regis Character Timeline in The Wars

The timeline below shows where the character Regis appears in The Wars. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 27
Trauma and War Theme Icon
...after the soldiers were commanded to let the animals fend for themselves during the storm. Regis, the last remaining picket, weeps as the fallen horse cries. (full context)
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon
...begins to crash violently, and Robert is surprised by his own authority when he assures Regis that they will not drown. Thinking that his military exploits may one day be written... (full context)
Trauma and War Theme Icon
Blame, Revenge, and Justice Theme Icon
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
Honor, Duty, and Heroism Theme Icon repeatedly until Joyce pulls him away. The other horses are spooked and nearly trample Regis, so Joyce runs off to commandeer more men to help them. Robert declines Regis’s offer... (full context)
Part 1, Chapter 28
Trauma and War Theme Icon
The next morning, Robert and Regis emerge from the hold as the S.S. Massanabie approaches the harbor, crashing through the stormy... (full context)