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The Wars


Timothy Findley

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Convalescence hospital Term Analysis

Homes and other private buildings that were converted into auxiliary hospitals for soldiers in World War I, due to the military's underestimation of the war's casualties. At these makeshift hospitals, soldiers would either heal from injuries or rest on leave. The d’Orsey family’s abbey, St. Aubyn’s, is converted into a convalescence hospital in the novel.

Convalescence hospital Quotes in The Wars

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin Australia edition of The Wars published in 1995.
Part 4 Quotes

Robert I discovered was a very private man. His temper, you know, was terrible. Once when he thought he was alone and unobserved I saw him firing his gun in the woods at a young tree. It was a sight I’d rather not have seen. He destroyed it absolutely. Other times he would throw things down and break them on the ground…he had a great deal of violence inside and sometimes it emerged this way with a gesture and other times it showed in his expression when you found him sitting alone on the terrace or staring out of a window.

Related Characters: Lady Juliet d’Orsey (speaker), Robert Ross, Mrs. Ross
Page Number: 174
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Convalescence hospital Term Timeline in The Wars

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Part 4
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...his family and reluctantly allows his wife, Lady Emmeline, to convert their abbey into a convalescence hospital for soldiers. Around March of 1916, Robert returns from the Battle of St. Eloi and... (full context)