The Way Up to Heaven


Roald Dahl

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The Way Up to Heaven Characters

Mrs. Foster

Mrs. Foster is the protagonist of the story. For thirty years of marriage, she has been a “good and loving wife” to her husband, Mr. Eugene Foster. She and Mr. Foster live in New… read analysis of Mrs. Foster

Mr. Eugene Foster

Mr. Foster, whose first name is Eugene, is a domineering, cunning, and abrasive man who has retired from his “many enterprises,” which allowed him to afford a private six-story house in Manhattan with several servants… read analysis of Mr. Eugene Foster

The Butler (Walker)

The butler, whose name is Walker, is sympathetic to Mrs. Foster’s anxiety, reassuring her that she will make her flight and not indulging her fears the way Mr. Foster, his foil, does. As… read analysis of The Butler (Walker)

Their Daughter (Ellen)

Ellen is Mr. and Mrs. Foster’s only daughter who married a Frenchman and relocated to Paris where she had three children. The Fosters have never met their grandchildren, although Ellen often sends photographs… read analysis of Their Daughter (Ellen)
Minor Characters
The Driver
The driver, who takes Mrs. Foster to the airport, is only minimally described: he has a “small rebellious Irish mouth” and he disapproves of the Fosters’ inability to leave on time.