The White Tiger


Aravind Adiga

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Great Socialist Character Analysis

The Great Socialist has dominated the political scene in the Darkness for as long as Balram can remember. While the Great Socialist presents himself as a populist leader serving the poor, he and his corrupt ministers murder, rape, embezzle funds, and rig elections to stay in power. Balram’s childhood hero Vijay supports the party, moving up through its ranks over the years to become one of its leading politicians. At the end of the novel, the Great Socialist gains a foothold in the national government, ousting the ruling party. As a result, even the Stork’s wealthy and powerful family is forced to deliver bribes and curry favor with its leadership.
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Great Socialist Character Timeline in The White Tiger

The timeline below shows where the character Great Socialist appears in The White Tiger. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7: The Sixth Night
The Self-Made Man Theme Icon
Social Breakdown, Self-Interest, and Corruption Theme Icon
...that the ruling national government has lost the election to several oppositional parties, including the Great Socialist’s party. The Stork’s family had anticipated that the government would win by a landslide, and... (full context)