The White Tiger


Aravind Adiga

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The Mongoose Character Analysis

Ashok’s brother, also referred to as Mukesh Sir. Mukesh Sir suspects that Balram is dishonest from their very first meeting, and disapproves of Ashok’s lenient attitude towards his servant. Unlike Ashok who has recently returned from living abroad in the US, Mukesh Sir accepts India’s dishonest political scene and participates willingly in his family’s corrupt dealings. He visits Delhi regularly to help Ashok distribute bribes on schedule and, after Pinky Madam’s departure, to comfort him in his loneliness.
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The Mongoose Character Timeline in The White Tiger

The timeline below shows where the character The Mongoose appears in The White Tiger. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 5: The Fifth Night
Social Breakdown, Self-Interest, and Corruption Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon
The Mongoose arrives in Delhi to help Ashok through his separation from Pinky, and also bearing a... (full context)