The Woman in Black


Susan Hill

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The Woman in Black Characters

Arthur Kipps

Arthur Kipps, the protagonist of the novel, is a successful lawyer with a haunting past. As the frame story gives way to the story of Arthur’s past—his fateful visit, as a young and naïve lawyer… read analysis of Arthur Kipps

The Woman in Black / Jennet Humfrye

The titular woman in black appears to Arthur for the first time at the funeral of Mrs. Alice Drablow. Arthur is struck by the woman’s antiquated mourning garb and her frightening appearance; though young, the… read analysis of The Woman in Black / Jennet Humfrye

Samuel Daily

Samuel Daily is the first Crythin Gifford local Arthur meets on his way north. After connecting on the train and realizing that Arthur will be handing the Drablow estate, Samuel offers the young lawyer his… read analysis of Samuel Daily

Mr. Bentley

Arthur Kipps’s boss at his London law firm, Mr. Bentley is a businesslike but kind man who unknowingly sends Arthur into a dangerous situation in Crythin Gifford. In the years following Arthur’s ordeal with… read analysis of Mr. Bentley

Mr. Jerome

Mr. Jerome is a real estate agent in Crythin Gifford who is appointed as Arthur’s guide in town, and who accompanies him to Mrs. Drablow’s funeral. A quiet and nervous man, Jerome deteriorates into… read analysis of Mr. Jerome
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Keckwick is the driver who is appointed to ferry Arthur back and forth between the town of Crythin Gifford and the isolated estate of Eel Marsh House via a small, two-person pony trap. Keckwick… read analysis of Keckwick
Minor Characters
The Landlord
The proprietor of the inn where Arthur stays for part of his trip to Crythin Gifford. The landlord, like many other locals, grows quiet and nervous when Arthur mentions that he is in town to see to Mrs. Drablow’s estate, Eel Marsh House.
Arthur’s fiancée, a kind young woman who ultimately meets with a devastating fate as a result of the woman in black’s vendetta against Arthur.
Esmé Ainley
Arthur’s second wife. A kind, understanding, and fiercely positive woman with four children from a previous marriage.
Isobel Ainley
The oldest of Esmé’s children, Isobel is a woman of twenty-four who is married with three children of her own.
Oliver Ainley
Oliver is the oldest of Esmé’s sons.
Will Ainley
Esmé’s eighteen-year-old son.
Edmund Ainley
At fifteen, Edmund is the youngest of Esmé’s four children. Though he is aloof, quiet, and dark-haired—very different from the rest of his siblings—Edmund is Arthur’s favorite.