The Worst Hard Time

The Worst Hard Time


Timothy Egan

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A cattle rancher who “moved a herd of 1,600 cattle down from Colorado to Palo Duro Canyon.” His effort led to the creation of the XIT ranch and to his reputation as the forefather of the Texas Panhandle. In 1916, he held “the last buffalo hunt” on his ranch in Palo Duro Canyon. Ten thousand people showed up to watch Goodnight, by then an old man, chase an imported buffalo.
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Charles Goodnight Character Timeline in The Worst Hard Time

The timeline below shows where the character Charles Goodnight appears in The Worst Hard Time. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: The Wanderer
Westward Expansion and the Settlement of the Southern Plains Theme Icon
Anglo Culture and Racism Theme Icon
...statehouse in the union, a palace of polished red granite.” After the Comanche were removed, Charles Goodnight moved cattle down from Colorado. Investors, some as far away as Great Britain, became involved... (full context)