The Yellow Wallpaper


Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper: Eleventh Entry Summary & Analysis

The narrator is determined to remove the top pattern of the wallpaper from the one she sees underneath. She has discovered something that she won’t tell the reader, since ‘it does not do to trust people too much.’ John seems worried or suspicious, and asks Jennie about the narrator’s welfare, but the narrator claims to have seen through his loving disguise. She now believes that the wallpaper is secretly affecting John and Jennie.
Now the narrator has turned completely inward, away even from the diary, hiding her discovery as her last desperate means of self-expression becomes this mission to free the figure behind the wallpaper. We see John’s worry, but the narrator is beyond making any attempt at communication with him.
Mental Illness and its Treatment Theme Icon
Outward Appearance vs. Inner Life Theme Icon
Self-Expression, Miscommunication, and Misunderstanding Theme Icon
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