Thirteen Reasons Why


Jay Asher

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Thirteen Reasons Why Characters

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker is the novel’s protagonist. She ends her own life before the beginning of the novel, leaving behind a set of cassette tapes for 13 specific people to listen to. Though Hannah ends her… read analysis of Hannah Baker

Clay Jensen

Clay is the novel’s narrator and Hannah Baker’s love interest. As he listens to Hannah’s tapes, he wanders through their small town, piecing together his memories with Hannah’s stories. At first, Clay doesn’t think… read analysis of Clay Jensen

Justin Foley

Justin Foley is the first name on Hannah’s list. He’s a senior at Hannah’s school, but in his sophomore year, he was Hannah’s first kiss. After that kiss, he spread rumors about Hannah being… read analysis of Justin Foley

Alex Standall

Alex is the second name on Hannah’s list. During Hannah’s first few weeks of freshman year, he and Jessica meet her at Monet’s to vent about their days at school, though the group quickly… read analysis of Alex Standall

Jessica Davis

Jessica is the third name on Hannah’s list. She and Hannah form a bond thanks to their guidance counselor’s suggestion that they buddy up, and though Hannah never thinks of her as a friend… read analysis of Jessica Davis
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Tyler Down

Tyler is the fourth name on Hannah’s list. With Courtney’s help, Hannah catches Tyler taking photos of her through the cracks in her bedroom blinds. His invasion of Hannah’s privacy means she… read analysis of Tyler Down

Courtney Crimsen

Courtney Crimsen is the fifth name on Hannah’s list. She offers to help Hannah identify the person taking pictures of Hannah through her bedroom window. After they work together to discover that it’s Tylerread analysis of Courtney Crimsen


Tony is Clay’s school friend, though before Clay listens to the tapes, the two aren’t particularly close. Clay plans to borrow Tony’s Walkman from him so he can listen to the tapes, but he… read analysis of Tony

Marcus Cooley

Marcus is the sixth name on Hannah’s list. He first appears in the novel when he offers Clay a rock to throw at Tyler’s window, assuming Clay has listened to the tapes and… read analysis of Marcus Cooley

Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader

Jenny Kurtz is the 11th name on Hannah’s list. She first appears when she prints out the names on Hannah’s Valentine’s list, and Hannah thinks Jenny seems genuinely sweet and excited for her. This… read analysis of Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader

Bryce Walker

Bryce is the boy who rapes Jessica and sexually assaults Hannah. Hannah doesn’t name Bryce on her list or identify him in relation to Jessica’s rape because she assumes he’d refuse to pass the… read analysis of Bryce Walker

Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is one of the guidance counselors at the high school most of the novel’s characters attend. When Hannah meets with him to describe how hopeless she feels, he fails to provide the support… read analysis of Mr. Porter

Zach Dempsey

Zach Dempsey is the seventh name on Hannah’s list. He approaches Hannah after Marcus leaves her alone in Rosie’s, though she’s visibly upset and unable to talk to him. After Zach leaves Hannah’s table… read analysis of Zach Dempsey

Ryan Shaver

Ryan Shaver is the eighth name on Hannah’s list. He edits the Lost-N-Found Gazette at high school, a publication that distributes notes he finds around school. In it, he prints a poem he stole… read analysis of Ryan Shaver

The Elderly Man

The elderly man is the driver who hits a high school senior’s car the night of the party thanks to the missing stop sign that Jenny knocked down only minutes earlier. His presence in the… read analysis of The Elderly Man

Clay’s Mom

Clay’s mom interrupts Clay several times while he listens to the tapes, usually to offer help, comfort, or food. Thanks to her persistence, Clay is at least subconsciously aware that she loves and cares for… read analysis of Clay’s Mom


Skye was Clay’s middle-school crush. Over the course of her high school years, she’s become quieter and less involved, preferring to wear baggy clothing that makes her seem like she’s hiding. Clay finds her… read analysis of Skye

Hannah’s Mom

Hannah’s mom appears very little in the novel. She and Hannah’s dad are too preoccupied with the stress of their small business to pay much attention to Hannah. When Hannah gets a dramatic haircut, her… read analysis of Hannah’s Mom


Wally works the day shift at Blue Spot Liquor and regularly sells Hannah candy bars after school. When a boy from school grabs Hannah’s butt in the store, Wally makes a noise that shows his… read analysis of Wally
Minor Characters
Kat is Hannah’s next-door neighbor for the few months before Hannah begins her freshman year. Though Kat moves away before the start of the school year, her leaving party is the first time Clay and Hannah meet.