Thirteen Reasons Why


Jay Asher

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Hannah’s Mom Character Analysis

Hannah’s mom appears very little in the novel. She and Hannah’s dad are too preoccupied with the stress of their small business to pay much attention to Hannah. When Hannah gets a dramatic haircut, her mom doesn’t notice, which allows Hannah to conclude that even the people who should care about her the most aren’t fully invested in her.
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Hannah’s Mom Character Timeline in Thirteen Reasons Why

The timeline below shows where the character Hannah’s Mom appears in Thirteen Reasons Why. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Cassette 1: Side A
Gender, Sexualization, and Agency Theme Icon
...a while, Hannah works up the courage to say hello. Eventually, they start having conversations. Hannah’s mom told her to “play hard to get” if she wanted to get a boy’s attention,... (full context)
Cassette 4: Side A
Rumors and Reputation Theme Icon
Parental Care and Attention Theme Icon
...year ago, threatening downtown stores like theirs. Because of this, when Hannah cut her hair, Hannah’s mom didn’t notice. (full context)