Thirteen Reasons Why


Jay Asher

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Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader Character Analysis

Jenny Kurtz is the 11th name on Hannah’s list. She first appears when she prints out the names on Hannah’s Valentine’s list, and Hannah thinks Jenny seems genuinely sweet and excited for her. This lines up with Clay’s perception of Jenny as a caring person after he witnesses her distress when she hears about Hannah’s death. But Jenny’s story is complicated: when driving Hannah home after a party, she loses control of her car and knocks over a stop sign. Hannah tries to stop her from driving any further, but Jenny drives off, leaving Hannah behind. During the few hours in which there’s no stop sign on that intersection, Clay witnesses a fatal car crash there, meaning that Jenny’s crash and her decision not to take responsibility for it leads to someone’s death. Jenny’s character reinforces the idea that though someone might not intend to cause serious harm, their lack of self-awareness and choice to avoid accountability can lead to often irreparable damage.

Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader Quotes in Thirteen Reasons Why

The Thirteen Reasons Why quotes below are all either spoken by Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader or refer to Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Rumors and Reputation Theme Icon
Cassette 6: Side A Quotes

I want to look back. To look over my shoulder and see the Stop sign with huge reflective letters, pleading with Hannah. Stop!

But I keep facing forward, refusing to see it as more than it is. It’s a sign. A stop sign on a street corner. Nothing more.

Related Characters: Clay Jensen (speaker), Hannah Baker, Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader
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Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader Character Timeline in Thirteen Reasons Why

The timeline below shows where the character Jenny Kurtz/The Cheerleader appears in Thirteen Reasons Why. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
The clerk tells Clay the package will arrive in a day or two. He imagines Jenny, the recipient, seeing the package on her doorstep and getting excited—just like he was when... (full context)
Cassette 3: Side B
Rumors and Reputation Theme Icon
...list. But she goes to the office and finds it empty, so she asks the cheerleader at the counter for her results. She pays five dollars. The cheerleader prints out a... (full context)
Gender, Sexualization, and Agency Theme Icon
Hannah thinks one boy on the list is cute, but the cheerleader tries to convince her not to pursue him. Hannah doesn’t push her to ask why... (full context)
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
...list to her. They agree to meet at Rosie’s after school for ice cream. The cheerleader begs Hannah to let her brag about the match, but Hannah says she has to... (full context)
Cassette 6: Side A
Gender, Sexualization, and Agency Theme Icon
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon leave but feels too weak to walk home. Someone’s hand touches her shoulder: it’s Jenny Kurtz. Hannah addresses Jenny on the tape, and Clay drops his head as he listens.... (full context)
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
Jenny buckles Hannah into the passenger seat and drives away from the party. It’s lightly raining,... (full context)
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
Hannah resumes her story. Jenny says, “Well, that sucks,” then starts the car again. Hannah stops her from driving off.... (full context)
Rumors and Reputation Theme Icon
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
On the tape, Hannah addresses Jenny directly, telling her that she got away with more than knocking down a sign. Clay... (full context)
Guilt and Blame Theme Icon
Hannah continues her story. After Jenny drives away from Hannah on the night of the party, Hannah walks to a gas... (full context)