Three Men in a Boat


Jerome K. Jerome

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Three Men in a Boat Characters


Largely based on the author himself, J. is the narrator of the book. He is a Londoner and a relatively young man. The reader doesn’t learn much about his background in terms of his working… read analysis of J.


George, like his boating companions J. and Harris, is another young, single Londoner. He works in the city at a bank and is the first of the titular men to propose the boat trip… read analysis of George


Harris is the third of the three men and tends to be the butt of jokes more often than the other two. J. thinks “there is no poetry about Harris—no wild yearning for the… read analysis of Harris


Montmorency is J.’s dog who goes along on the trip with the three men. His behavior seems to mimic the foolishness and ineptitude of his keepers. At one point, for example, he attacks a… read analysis of Montmorency

Mrs. Poppet

J.’s housekeeper, whom the reader learns very little about. Mrs. Poppet only appears twice in the book, once to bring the men food and another time to wake them up in the morning. The… read analysis of Mrs. Poppet
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Uncle Podger

J’s uncle, who appears is an anecdote told by J. In this, Uncle Podger has the simple task of putting a picture on the wall. However, it all goes calamitously wrong: he sends his… read analysis of Uncle Podger

Herr Slossen Boschen

A masterful German singer whom the men recall meeting at a party. There, he sings a tragic German folk song of heartbreak and unrequited love but is quickly offended when the audience starts laughing at… read analysis of Herr Slossen Boschen