Louise Erdrich

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The Umbrella

Fritzie, the companion of the butcher shop’s owner, gives Fleur a black umbrella and a place to stay in the unused smokehouse. As Fleur returns to her cabin, she twirls the umbrella above her…

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Matchimanito is seen as the purest area on the reservation, the lake on which the Pillager cabin sits. Tribe members and villagers alike are afraid of this area, though drawn to it for its vibrant…

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A bear is one of the clan markers of the Pillagers. Bears stand as symbols for Fleur specifically, and for the ailing Anishinabe people more generally. Nanapush tells Lulu that she was born on the…

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Tracks and trails, how they’re used and what they indicate, are an important symbol of the journey of the Anishinabe people. Clearly the book has been named after this symbol, and we see the concept…

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