Louise Erdrich

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When Fleur returns to the reservation from Argus, an “odjib” guards the road to Matchimanito, keeping away anyone who might try to visit her. Described as a dog and a “thing of smoke,” the odjib seems to be a kind of spirit, but its etymology is unclear. “Ojibwe” is the more common name used in Canada for the tribe referred to in the United States as the “Chippewa.” The term “odjib” is probably related to this tribe, but there are several potential origins even for the word “Ojibwe”—the one that seems most connected to the odjib of Tracks is “those who keep records [of a Vision].”
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Odjib Term Timeline in Tracks

The timeline below shows where the term Odjib appears in Tracks. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3: Fall 1913-Spring 2014, Onaubin-geezis, Crust on the Snow Sun
Tradition, Assimilation, and Religion Theme Icon
Gender Roles Theme Icon
Self-Destruction vs. Outside Influences Theme Icon
Birth, Death, and Survival Theme Icon
The Importance of Nature in Indigenous Life Theme Icon
...up a cross to scare the dog off, but they remain unhurt because it was “odjib,” a thing of smoke. (full context)