Train to Pakistan


Khushwant Singh

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Juggut Singh / Jugga

Juggut is a Sikh peasant who is jailed on the false charge of committing the dacoity, or robbery, of Lala Ram Lal. Described as six-foot-four and broad “like a stud bull,” Juggut was… read analysis of Juggut Singh / Jugga

Iqbal Singh

A political worker with no clear religious background, though Meet Singh and Hukum Chand assume that he is Sikh, Iqbal comes to Mano Majra from Jhelum, Pakistan to raise awareness about land reform and to… read analysis of Iqbal Singh

Meet Singh

An old Sikh priest who privately admits that he joined the clergy only to avoid regular work. Meet Singh is a friend of both Iqbal Singh and Imam Baksh—a relationship that is described as… read analysis of Meet Singh

Hukum Chand

The magistrate and deputy commissioner in Mano Majra, sometimes referred to as nar admi. He holds authority over the subinspector and the head constable. Chand, a Hindu of “lower-middle-class origin,” is in his… read analysis of Hukum Chand

Mahatma Gandhi

An Indian lawyer, politician, writer, and social activist known for his successful use of civil disobedience, or non-violent protest. In 1920, he became a leader in the Indian National Congress and used his political clout… read analysis of Mahatma Gandhi
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Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Also known as “Muhammad Ali” and Qaid-i-Azam (“Great Leader”), Jinnah was an Indian Muslim politician who served as the leader of the Muslim League and was the founder and first governor-in-chief of the newly formed… read analysis of Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Jawaharlal Nehru

The first prime minister to lead India after its independence from Britain. Nehru established parliamentarian government in the country and took a neutral position in world affairs. During the Independence movement, he was one of… read analysis of Jawaharlal Nehru

Lala Ram Lal

A wealthy Hindu in Mano Majra. Juggut Singh describes him as the village “banian,” or moneylender. After being beaten and robbed by Malli and his gang, Ram Lal dies from a stab wound… read analysis of Lala Ram Lal

Juggut’s Mother

Juggut’s mother, who is not named, lives with her son and disapproves of his relationship with Nooran. She begs him not to leave their home to see Nooran on the night of the… read analysis of Juggut’s Mother

Imam Baksh

A Muslim weaver and Nooran’s father, who is described as tall, lean, and bald. He is also blind, serves as the mullah of the local mosque, and is friends with Meet Singh. Imam… read analysis of Imam Baksh

Banta Singh

The headman, or lambardar, who collects revenue from the inhabitants of Mano Majra. Banta Singh fills a role that his family has had for several generations. He is described as a modest man and… read analysis of Banta Singh


The leader of the dacoity against Lala Ram Lal. Juggut Singh was once a part of Malli’s gang. When Malli is arrested and placed in a cell next to Juggut and Iqbal Singhread analysis of Malli


A Muslim girl between the ages of sixteen and eighteen who works as a prostitute and who becomes Hukum Chand’s concubine. Her grandmother acts as her procurer. She wears a black, sequined sari and… read analysis of Haseena

The Subinspector / Inspector Sahib

A conniving Hindu official who works for the police and under Hukum Chand. He sees Iqbal Singh for the first time when the latter arrives at the Mano Majra train station the day after… read analysis of The Subinspector / Inspector Sahib

The Head Constable

A rather simple-minded police officer who arrests Iqbal Singh and Juggut Singh. To cover the police’s error in arresting these suspects, the subinspector orders him to frame Iqbal for involvement in the dacoity of… read analysis of The Head Constable

Prem Singh

Hukum Chand’s Sikh colleague who takes trips to Lahore, Pakistan to buy his wife jewelry. While there, Prem spends a lot of time at Faletti’s Hotel—a frequent meeting place for European sahibs and their… read analysis of Prem Singh


The daughter of Hukum Chand’s orderly. She has been married to Mansa Ram for four days when a group of Muslims surround their bus on the way to Gujranwala. They strip her husband naked and… read analysis of Sundari

Sunder Singh

A Sikh soldier who had fought in Burma, Eritrea, and Italy and won medals for his bravery in battle. The government gives him land in Sindh, Pakistan. Along with his wife and three young children… read analysis of Sunder Singh

Boy Leader

Described in the text as only a “lad” and as somewhat “effeminate” in his youthful appearance, he is an aggressive teenage soldier who encourages the Sikhs of Mano Majra to murder Muslims. At one point… read analysis of Boy Leader
Minor Characters
Nooran / Nooro
Juggut Singh’s girlfriend and the daughter of the Muslim weaver Imam Baksh. This gives her a higher caste status than Juggut, who is a peasant and former robber. However, her being a Muslim puts her at odds with the Sikhs and Hindus in Mano Majra.
Alam Singh
The father of Juggut Singh, Alam is a dacoit, or armed robber, who is hanged two years before the story takes place. He is also the son of a dacoit. Juggut’s mother fears that Juggut will end up hanged like his father.
The tonga driver who takes Juggut Singh and Iqbal Singh to and from the police station in Chundunnugger. He is in the habit of beating his skinny brown horse out of frustration with circumstances in his life.
Mansa Ram
The husband of Sundari. During an attack on his bus by a group of Muslims, he is stripped naked and has his penis cut off, while his new wife is raped by the mob.