Train to Pakistan


Khushwant Singh

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Sunder Singh Character Analysis

A Sikh soldier who had fought in Burma, Eritrea, and Italy and won medals for his bravery in battle. The government gives him land in Sindh, Pakistan. Along with his wife and three young children, he attempts to take an overcrowded train to Sindh, in a compartment crammed with five hundred men and women. When the train is held up at a station for four days with no one permitted to get off, he kills his wife and children to relieve them of their severe hunger and thirst. He shoots them shortly before the train begins moving to its destination. When he attempts to kill himself, too, he decides that there is no point. He heaves the corpses of his wife and children off of the train and makes his way to Pakistan.
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Sunder Singh Character Timeline in Train to Pakistan

The timeline below shows where the character Sunder Singh appears in Train to Pakistan. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
4. Karma
The Partition of India and Religious Warfare Theme Icon
Gender and Masculinity Theme Icon
Finally, Hukum Chand thinks of Sunder Singh . Singh was a big, brave Sikh who had fought in battles in Eritrea, Burma,... (full context)