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An honorific title for a man, particularly one who is educated. The inclusion of the suffix “-ji” emphasizes the respect shown to someone with an elevated social status.

Babu / Babuji Quotes in Train to Pakistan

The Train to Pakistan quotes below are all either spoken by Babu / Babuji or refer to Babu / Babuji. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
The Partition of India and Religious Warfare Theme Icon
1. Dacoity Quotes

Independence meant little or nothing to these people. They did not even realize that it was a step forward and that all they needed to do was to take the next step and turn the make-believe political freedom into a real economic one.

Related Characters: Iqbal Singh, Imam Baksh, Banta Singh
Page Number: 47
Explanation and Analysis:
2. Kalyug Quotes

“Sir, the Babu’s name is Iqbal Singh. He is a Sikh. He has been living in England and had his long hair cut.” The subinspector fixed the head constable with a stare and smiled. “There are many Iqbals. I am talking of a Mohammed Iqbal, you are thinking of Iqbal Singh. Mohammed Iqbal can be a member of the Muslim League.” “I understand, sir,” repeated the head constable, but he had not really understood. He hoped he would catch up with the scheme in due course. “Your orders will be carried out.”

Related Characters: The Subinspector / Inspector Sahib (speaker), The Head Constable (speaker), Juggut Singh / Jugga, Iqbal Singh, Hukum Chand
Page Number: 113
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Babu / Babuji Term Timeline in Train to Pakistan

The timeline below shows where the term Babu / Babuji appears in Train to Pakistan. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
2. Kalyug
Power and Corruption Theme Icon
...a fury as soon as he saw Malli. So, they moved Jugga into Iqbal’s cell—the Babu—and put Malli’s men in Jugga’s. (full context)
3. Mano Majra
The Partition of India and Religious Warfare Theme Icon
Postcolonial Anxiety and National Identity Theme Icon
Power and Corruption Theme Icon
...the head constable asks if any of them saw or talked to “a young Mussulman babu called Mohammed Iqbal who was a member of the Muslim League?” The lambardar is surprised... (full context)
The Partition of India and Religious Warfare Theme Icon
Power and Corruption Theme Icon
...does not believe him. To Meet Singh, it does not matter; he knows that the babu was not involved in the dacoity. He adds, more confidently, that Malli has been arrested... (full context)
4. Karma
The Partition of India and Religious Warfare Theme Icon
Honor and Heroism  Theme Icon
...sleeping heads on the pillow as that of Iqbal. He quietly says, “Sat Sri Akal, Babuji” and tries to see if Iqbal is awake. Meet Singh asks him not to disturb... (full context)