Treasure Island

Treasure Island


Robert Louis Stevenson

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Treasure Island Characters

Jim Hawkins

The protagonist of Treasure Island is a boy whose family owns the Admiral Benbow inn, presumably somewhere in South West England. Jim is used to having a certain amount of responsibility at the inn, where… read analysis of Jim Hawkins

Long John Silver

The sea-cook on board the Hispaniola, Long John Silver soon turns out to be a notorious pirate, who has lost his leg in some kind of unspoken battle when he was part of Captain Flintread analysis of Long John Silver

Billy Bones (“the captain”)

The first pirate we meet in Treasure Island, Billy Bones stays at the Admiral Benbow inn for a length of months. He is often drunk on rum and scares the other patrons with his… read analysis of Billy Bones (“the captain”)

Doctor Livesey

The doctor responsible for taking care of Jim’s father is also one of the first to recognize the significance of the treasure map that Jim has taken from Billy Bones’ possession. He, along with… read analysis of Doctor Livesey

Squire Trelawney

A good friend of Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney is also present at the unveiling of the treasure map, and it is he who tells everyone just how frightening and powerful a pirate Captainread analysis of Squire Trelawney
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Captain Smollett

The captain hired by Squire Trelawney to head the Hispaniola, Smollett is stern and strict. Immediately he is suspicious of the sea voyage, partly because he hasn’t been in charge of everything, but partly… read analysis of Captain Smollett

Jim’s mother

Also responsible for the Admiral Benbow inn, especially after her husband’s death. Jim’s mother has a sharp sense of fairness: when she and Jim discover some of Billy Bones’ gold, she insists on counting… read analysis of Jim’s mother

Captain Flint

While this character never appears in person in Treasure Island, Captain Flint, a notorious pirate, haunts its pages (as he haunts the fears of many of the characters within it). It was Flint who buried… read analysis of Captain Flint

Captain Flint (parrot)

Long John Silver named his pet parrot after the notorious pirate captain. Silver seems genuinely fond of the creature, who, according to him, has traveled all around the world with the pirates. In the book… read analysis of Captain Flint (parrot)

Ben Gunn

Formerly a member of Captain Flint’s crew, Ben Gunn was abandoned on Treasure Island three years before Jim and the Hispaniola arrived. It was he who found and hid the treasure, a mystery that… read analysis of Ben Gunn
Minor Characters
Jim’s father
The owner of the Admiral Benbow inn, Jim’s father is only alive for the first part of the novel: soon after Billy Bones arrives, he falls sick and then dies. In his absence, Jim will spend much of the rest of the novel looking for other male authority figures.
The blind pirate who visits Billy Bones and later plots to get his hands on the treasure map; he is trampled underfoot and killed by horsemen after a group of pirates tears apart the Admiral Benbow, looking for clues and gold.
Mr. Dance
The tax collector who accidentally tramples and kills Pew, and who accompanies Jim to see the squire and doctor afterward—he has a full-time occupation and so cannot join the sea voyage.
Black Dog
A pirate who is the first to accost Billy Bones at the inn in search of the treasure map. Bones stabs him and Black Dog flees.
Mr. Arrow
Initially the first mate of the Hispaniola, Mr. Arrow turns out to be lacking in authority and generally useless aboard; early on in the voyage he drinks too much and falls overboard.
Abraham Gray
The carpenter’s mate on the Hispaniola who remains loyal to the original crew and fights on their side.
Israel Hands
The coxswain who is loyal to Long John Silver, though he mainly looks out for himself; he is killed by Jim in the battle for control over the anchored Hispaniola.
A pirate shot dead by Long John Silver on Treasure Island when he won’t go over to Silver’s side, giving Jim proof of Silver’s brutality.
Another pirate shot dead by Long John Silver on Treasure Island.
Tom Redruth
A gamekeeper and a member of the crew who remains loyal to the captain. He is killed by the pirates.
A member of the crew who remains loyal to the captain.
Another member of the crew who remains loyal to the captain.
A pirate killed by Israel Hands on the anchored Hispaniola deck during a drunken fight, while they’re supposed to be keeping watch.
George Merry
Another of Silver’s pirates, and one of the more cowardly ones—he’s terrified of the voice that he assumes to be that of Captain Flint’s spirit.
Job Anderson
The boatswain and another of Long John Silver’s pirates.
Another of Long John Silver’s pirates.
Another of Long John Silver’s pirates.