Tuck Everlasting


Natalie Babbitt

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Tuck Everlasting Characters

Winnie Foster

The ten-year-old protagonist of the novel. When the reader first meets Winnie, she's deliberating about running away to escape the stifling care of her mother, father, and Granny, whom she believes pay… read analysis of Winnie Foster

Mae Tuck

Mae is a kind, "potato-shaped" woman. She's more than 100 years old because, 87 years before the start of the novel, she and her family unwittingly drank water from a magical brook that made them… read analysis of Mae Tuck

Angus Tuck

Angus (sometimes referred to as simply Tuck) is Mae's husband and the father of Jesse and Miles. He's a sad and withdrawn man, which the narrator suggests is because he's unhappy with his life… read analysis of Angus Tuck

Miles Tuck

Miles is Angus and Mae's oldest son. He's 22, strong, and he's worked as a carpenter and a blacksmith. In the years after he and his family drank the water, Miles got married and had… read analysis of Miles Tuck

Jesse Tuck

Jesse is Angus and Mae's younger son. He's 17 and Winnie is immediately attracted to him when she comes across him drinking from the stream in her family's wood. Of all the Tucks, Jesse seems… read analysis of Jesse Tuck
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The Man in the Yellow Suit

The villain of the novel. He's never named but is described as being in constant motion and moving like a marionette. He travels to Treegap from the west in search of the Tucks, whom he… read analysis of The Man in the Yellow Suit

The Constable

The chief law enforcement official in Treegap. He's a friendly and good-natured man who takes pride in his work. He's not thrilled when the man in the yellow suit drags him out of bed in… read analysis of The Constable

The Toad

The toad is a wild toad that Winnie sees several times on the other side of her cottage's fence. She talks to the toad and tells it about her desire to run away, and… read analysis of The Toad
Minor Characters
Winnie's grandmother. Though she's proper and orderly, like Winnie's mother, Granny is a bit more free-spirited and believes that the elves are responsible for the song she hears coming from the wood every once in a while.
Winnie's Mother
A prim and proper woman who thrives on cleanliness and order. Along with Granny, she trains Winnie to keep a spotless house.
Winnie's Father
A proud man who owns the cottage and the wood.
Miles's daughter. She played with the man in the yellow suit's mother.